We have been building commercial kitchens and kitchen fittings for many years. Because we custom fabricate everything, we can work with your space to create an efficient, functional kitchen. 

Through the positioning of your appliances to maximising bench space, we will help you create your ideal commercial kitchen. Restaurants, cafes, bars, schools, clubs, takeaway shops – we do them all! Alpha Catering Equipment has worked with many of the small and large construction companies in Australia for many years. We have also made and installed XXX and many more products. On-site fabrication and installation is not a problem for our experienced team. We have at our disposal, process design capabilities and a full computer-aided, workshop drawing service. Our reputation for quality will ensure our development well into the future. We are determined to go that extra mile to meet our project requirements.


Restaurants fitouts


Cafe fitouts


Childcares fitouts

Franchise & Fast-food

Franchise & Fast-food fitouts


Age-Cares fitouts

Bars & Nightclubs

Bars & Nightclubs fitouts

Schools & Canteens

Schools & Canteens fitouts

Pizza Shops

Pizza Shops fitouts

Juice Bars

Juice Bars fitouts


Butchers fitouts


Bakeries fitouts

Burger Shops

Burger Shops fitouts


Supermarkets fitouts

Food Trucks

Food Trucks fitouts

Kebab Shops

Kebab Shops fitouts

Sushi Bars

Sushi Bars fitouts

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